About Us

We have been the pioneer in providing you with all the facilities regarding the keys and lock improper functioning. There are certain situations when the person is stuck outside his or her house and is not able to get into his or her own house, just for a simple reason that the key to the lock is not available. This situation has sometime or the other occurred in the lives of almost all of us. In earlier days people used to travel from one area to another in order to get a locksmith. But today the time has changed; now the time is of comfort. Everyone wants to make a call and get the services. So here we are to offer you service with comfort.

We have policies that would definitely get your jaws down. Some of these are 24X7 availability; this allows you to take help from us at any point of time without looking at your watch.  Some of the other services are the services like rekeying, master keying, key replacement etc. All you got to do is make a phone call and tell us about your problem. We just take 15 minute response time and assist you within this time limit. This is a very beneficial thing when you are stuck in such situations at the night time. We are easily available at various parts of the nation and have 15 dollar visiting charge as the rate. All these services are sufficient in order to deserve this amount.